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Construction Proficiency
Our biggest challenge in developing a new project is to complete construction in a timely fashion; as the seasonal window is short. At the same time, we do not compromise quality and attention to detail, in order to ensure optimum performance of our structures in our extreme climate. The larger a project is, the more difficult this becomes.

Our experience and land inventories provide us with the capacity to build large infrastructure developments that incorporate progressive quality designs, construction methodology, post lease care, and maintenance by qualified trades people and professionals.

The application of our fundamental principles has formed the basis of long term quality developments that are suited to the northern environment.

Climate Sensitive Design
Our extensive experience and planning has allowed us to develop buildings suitable for our extreme northern climates while maintaining architectural creativity.

Concrete construction and modern insulations have worked to minimize sound transfer as well as provide optimum shelter from cold winters.

Working together with our general contractors including PCL and Clark Builders we ensure our projects bear full benefit from their trusted, efficient skills and trades people.

Whenever possible we also work with local sub trades such as Diamond Glass, Polar Painting, and J&R Mechanical to capitalize on their understanding of northern construction performance and challenges.  

Since our inception, each one of our projects has been more efficient, progressive and economical than the last; a trend we hope to continue to meet as we face new challenges and opportunities in our ever changing world.